John Crouse

John Crouse lives in Washington State w/ Queen Of Kissy & Kicker & Man Cub. Books is Lapses (O Books, 1995); Eventing (Potes and Poets, 1999); with Stanley Zappa, Animals Clap Your Hands (Zemis, 2000); Belows (Broken Boulder, 2001); Hunkers (Xtantbooks, 2001); Headlines (O Books, 2001); Prefaces (Xtantbooks, 2001); with Andrew Topel, Croushinizy (Avantacular, 2002); with Jim Leftwich, Bumcamps Trolls (Xtantbooks, 2002); with Stanley Zappa, Conscripts (Zemis, 2003); with Tim Gaze, Road (Anabasis, 2003); with Mark Sonnenfeld, An Idea (Marymark, 2003); with Andrew Topel, Yalp (Luna Bisonte, 2003); Jimmys (Anabasis Xtant, 2003); with Andrew Topel, Yalp/Poems (Avantacular, 2004); with Reed Altemus, Macaroni (Tonerworks, 2004); Obstructs (Spectacular Diseases, forthcoming).

Beard of Bees Publications

  • #25, Acts, by John Crouse and Jim Leftwich (May, 2005)